My dream job

Since I was little I’ve always wanted to be an actress. it was my biggest dream. I wanted to be singing on broadway like Barbara Streisand or act with Liza Minnelli etc. I used to wake up early in the morning to watch Singing in the Rain and sing the songs along. I’ve always dreamed to act in a huge theater. it’s like being on top of the world. The problem is I don’t know how to act at all and I know that you can’t be an actress in one eye  blink and that it’s a lot of practicing. I think I want to do this because my parents always took me to amazing theatres and these moments are my favorite times or when my parents used to work in the opera I used to come at the end of the show and I would go on the stage and bow in front of everybody and this was the best feeling in the world.

Where will I be in 10 years

I was born the 1st September 2004, my father is Russian and my mother is French, I spent most of my life in Russia (7 years ) an at the age of obviously 7 I moved to France.

While living in France, a lot of plans were made by my parents because they are divorcing. my father wants me to go to Russia but my mother wants me to stay but they don’t really want to know what I want. So maybe in 10 years I will be in Russia  because I really loved living there and the people were really nice.

My Dream Summer!

As you all know, summer is coming up and we are all planning out our summer break. But our vacation can be disappointing since there is so much to do right? I was supposed to go to South Africa with my grand-parents and my aunts. It was my dream! But I recently learnt that the trip was canceled because my grand-father had an accident, for example. If there wasn’t any obstacles or restraints (money, health, time…) and you could go anywhere, where would you go and with whom?

This is what I would do. I would travel the world with my best friend Vickie. We would go to Milan, Italy, then take a plane to Barcelona. We would sleep on a boat to go to Palma (a beautiful island off the coast of Spain) to do some amazing cliff diving. We would fly to Santorini in Greece for its beautiful culture and sea. We would visit Cappadocia, Turkey to spend the day on a hot air ballon. (Chefchaouen, Havana, Florence)

Who would be my 10 guests for dinner?

In my life I have met many people ( friends ,family, etc…), with different personalities. The first category are the people I lost contact or hardly see in daily basis. The second category are the people I have never met ( famous actors, singers, geniuses…). For these reasons, I would love to have a great dinner in my dinning room with the 10 people I like the most! This would be my guest list:

  1. My BFF with whom I could tell all my secrets!
  2. Neil Amstrong, he is such a facinating astronaut! One of my passions is Space, so we would have really interesting discussions!
  3.  My grandmother so she could remind me all my good manners.
  4. Leonardo Dicaprio because he is such a good actor with such good looks.
  5. Celine Dion because she sings so well and her songs are beautiful!
  6. William Shakespeare, I really love his writing style.
  7. Zorro, because he is my favorite character in Disney and he would protect us from evil bandits!
  8. My family from the USA because I rarely see them.
  9. Anne Frank because her story is so inspiring. I really admire her.
  10. Finally, I would invite Martha Stewart. With her amazing event planner skills, she would organize the most memorable dinner of my life.

My dream job

One of the main ideas that has been going through my head since the beginning of middle school is that later I would like to wake up every morning thinking about what a great job I have. The job that I would love having is sport-journalist. Every time I see a sport-journalist, I just think how lucky they are doing what they do. And how hard they worked to arrive up there. For example when I want to work on my French I think of my dream job and that motivates me 10 times more my grades. I would love to be a sport journalist because, well, I love sport and I’ve been doing sport even before I was born ( my mum always told me thatI was the one who messed the most around in her tummy like if I was playing soccer). And second of all compared to what my teachers think I love writing. I’ve even written 3 “books “ of around 50 pages each. I really think that sport journalist is a job that would suit me and I would love,waking up every morning telling myself “ Wow, William you’re a real sport journalist”